Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Desinty 2 team plays the PC edition. Raid times are on Sundays at 1PM EST. Team leaders are Upilupi (Upilupi#2248) and Kasimo (Kasi#21441).

What we can provide you:

  • Weekly raids to farm for power level +300 gear.
  • Regular completion of milestones.

Long Term Goals

  • To provide both competitive and relaxed play to the players looking for an air of compitition or the relaxing sensation of company.
  • To ensure players who are PvP and/or PvE always have a group to run with including but not limited to;
    • A raid team dedicated to being first into the new raids and raid lairs. (Including Prestige runs)
    • A raid team dedicating to being patient with new raiders ensureing the clan recieves its milestones and the satisfaction of killing bosses and finishing encounters.
    • An extremely elite Trials of the Nine team with the intent of completing flawless tickets
    • A team willing to assist more casual players through the Trials of the Nine experience
    • A group willing to assist with strikes and the Nightfall (including possible Prestige runs)
  • Ensuring that all players who come to Lycanfang feel welcome and always have clanmates to play the game with who are active and enjoy helping each other.

Current Raid Team (with only LycanFang members)

  • Raid Leader - Amidaus (Amidaus#1660)
  • Raid member - Upilupi (Upilupi#2248)
  • Raid member - Kasimo (Kasi#21441)
  • Raid member - Dragonvenom (DRAGONVENOM#1998)
  • (Free Slot)
  • (Free Slot)

Normal Raid team

  • Amidaus
  • Upilupi
  • Kasimo
  • Dragonvenom
  • Quindlyn (I0N Gaming)
  • JustTones (The Boys 2.2)

Trials of the Nine

Currently the only active Trials of the Nine player is Amidaus. We’re looking to expand our competitive PvP scene with new players who enjoy both PvP and serious competition.

How to Join

Join our discord and let us know you’re intending to join this team! Once thats done you’ll have your permissions to talk in the Destiny channel. From there contact Upilupi to invite you to the destiny team when he’s online. A note for those joining: While we’d prefer you have the DLC its not required to join!