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Formerly a gaming guild turned community, LycanFang has been around for 8 years. We started off small, being little more than an AdventureQuest Worlds Guild, and over the years have branched out into other games, with our most popular being Guild Wars 2 and Destiny 2. While those two are our main focus, we enjoy playing loads of games as a community, from Monster Hunter: World to Guns of Icarus, you’ll certainly find something that suits you. If you’re looking for a spot to make some new friends, play some games, or just hang out, then feel free to join in!

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Summaries of discord updates, new events, and youtube videos are here!

Upcoming Events and Updates

By Rioku on June 25, 2019

Server Cleanup On July 1st, we’ll be removing all inactive members of the server who didn’t respond to our summer-purge channel. Hopefully you don’t wind up being caught in the server purge but of course you can always join back at a later date. Community Games Drachen will be hosting a new community event on the 13th of July and continuing on every other week. The idea is, we pick a game a majority of us have and can play together and we have our fun with it!

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Small Updates and a Contest for Oct!

By Rioku on October 16, 2018

Screenshot Contest in the Guild Wars 2 Team! Halloween in Guild Wars 2 starts today Oct 16th, and the staff team for our gw2 guild has put together a screenshot contest for our members! :) Please read the details of the contest and how to enter here (note this is taking place on discord). Also related: While the Destiny 2 team will not be having a halloween contest/event the in-game event starts today!

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August Updates and Silliness

By Rioku on August 18, 2018

Team and Staffing updates. Drachen/NightWalker’s computer died! He’ll be out indefinitely until a new one can be gained. (GW2 Team) Dreth has been promoted to territory staff and become an officer for the GW2 Team! The Destiny 2 team grew so big they created their own discord server and raid hub. You can join the server here: https://discord.gg/w3xVtQB GW2 Team now has a dedicated Fashion Wars 2 channel for all your fashion wars needs.

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Video Roundup of GW2 Team Raids and other Fun Stuff

By Rioku on April 15, 2018

All our videos for this year so far! We hope you enjoy this roundup of all our videos this year so far. Sometime we do insert class only raids. This is from our all thief run back in December! We didn’t get the kill this time thanks to a combination of things but enjoy watching us fail! Pug shenenigans and REVENGE!!! Also wing four.

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