Video Roundup of GW2 Team Raids and other Fun Stuff

By Rioku | April 15, 2018

All our videos for this year so far!

We hope you enjoy this roundup of all our videos this year so far.

Sometime we do insert class only raids. This is from our all thief run back in December!

We didn’t get the kill this time thanks to a combination of things but enjoy watching us fail!

Pug shenenigans and REVENGE!!! Also wing four.

The team does a no armor+first person view run at Cairn and appears to have forgotten our awesomness at Cairn from the last video. Also Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii willll alllways loooooove youuuuuu skip 6 minutes in for that reference

Deimos! ….and boneless pizza.

Escort is fun! KC not so much.

We finally killed sloth yay!

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