Small Updates and a Contest for Oct!

By Rioku | October 16, 2018

Screenshot Contest in the Guild Wars 2 Team!

Halloween in Guild Wars 2 starts today Oct 16th, and the staff team for our gw2 guild has put together a screenshot contest for our members! :) Please read the details of the contest and how to enter here (note this is taking place on discord).

  • While the Destiny 2 team will not be having a halloween contest/event the in-game event starts today!
  • We’ve changed our server icon on discord to be a bit more spooky. :)

Unrelated site updates:

  • I’ve done some spell checking on the D2 page!
  • We’ve changed our discord invite link as we have a new #welcome channel, with a bot giving member roles and team roles via reactions. :)
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