Upcoming Events and Updates

By Rioku | June 25, 2019

Server Cleanup

On July 1st, we’ll be removing all inactive members of the server who didn’t respond to our summer-purge channel. Hopefully you don’t wind up being caught in the server purge but of course you can always join back at a later date.

Community Games

Drachen will be hosting a new community event on the 13th of July and continuing on every other week. The idea is, we pick a game a majority of us have and can play together and we have our fun with it! For now there is a small selection of games since anyone can pick these up as they are mostly F2P, but if you have a suggestion of another game most people might have we can add it or even replace a less favored game.

Games we will start of with:

Deceit - 6 man game where 2 people are infected and the rest are innocents, you either escape or work together to figure out whose infected and kill them. Infected will try to pick you off one by one and slow down the innocent from escaping.

SCP Secret Lab - More large scale game with 3 factions, objectives range from escaping the facility, rescuing your teammates before they are killed and eliminating everyone who isn’t on your side.

Town of Salem - A Game most people have seen or played once before, work with your alignment in town to lynch the evil, kill the innocent, or just cause confusion and chaos for everyone else.

Again, this will be on the 13th of next month and we will try for every other week as a get together and see how it goes from there. If you got questions or want to suggest a game feel free to DM Drachen (on Discord) about it any time.

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