Video Roundup of GW2 Team Raids and other Fun Stuff

All our videos for this year so far! We hope you enjoy this roundup of all our videos this year so far. Sometime we do insert class only raids. This is from our all thief run back in December! We didn’t get the kill this time thanks to a combination of things but enjoy watching us fail! Pug shenenigans and REVENGE!!! Also wing four.

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GW2 Raid team success!

Three raids in one night! The GW2 team had a succesful Cairn + Mursaat Overseer + Samarog boss run on the tenth! We had about 5 or so from our guild and had to pug the rest, but overall we ran into some really nice people. We all had a great time learning and killing bosses together. Please enjoy our footage and pictures from the event: We were not unfortunately able to capture audio, we’ll try to aim for that next event!

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