Code of Conduct

Not following these rules could result in a punishment or worst: a ban. Please understand that the rules exist to keep our atmosphere in this community one that is welcoming and relaxed. We’re pretty toleratant of people, don’t abuse our tolerance.

1. No trolling, inflammatory behavior, or just generally being a butt for the sake of it.

Flaming, trolling, arguing for the sake of arguing, excessive cursing, violent/gore and 18+ content is banned. You post stuff like that you get kicked or muted til you learn your lesson and if you still don’t you will be banned.

2. Don’t spam.

This includes bot created spam from using bot commands, we have a specific section for using bot commands: if its Tatsumaki use #bot-spam, if its a more specific bot for a specific team use that team’s channel to use the bot. (Like the GW2Bot in the #gw2 channel.)

3. No bigotry.

Here on this wonderful invention called the internet: you will encounter people of different beliefs, ideaologies, religions, sexualities, genders, etc etc. Try to be respectful and understanding and be willing to edit or remove a joke or not complain if a joke/meme/comment whatever gets removed if deemed offensive.

4. Be respectful towards your mods and members.

Respect both the authority of mods and your fellow members! Try to get along and don’t escalate and troll for the sake of it!

5. Advertising

Please do not advertise other discord servers or guilds/communities.

If any of these rules need clarifying please let one of the mods/Death Jackals know.