August Updates and Silliness

Team and Staffing updates. Drachen/NightWalker’s computer died! He’ll be out indefinitely until a new one can be gained. (GW2 Team) Dreth has been promoted to territory staff and become an officer for the GW2 Team! The Destiny 2 team grew so big they created their own discord server and raid hub. You can join the server here: GW2 Team now has a dedicated Fashion Wars 2 channel for all your fashion wars needs.

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Our teams: A look back at 2017

2017 saw a lot of progress in our teams from the creation of the Destiny 2 team to new alliances in the Warframe team, the GW2 team conquering new grounds in raids, and the Minecraft team becoming based on the server known as Hypixel. Even the AQ3D team is slowly making progress with new members and content being released along with Ashfall and Darkovia stories within the next month.

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