Our teams: A look back at 2017

By Drachen | January 3, 2018

2017 saw a lot of progress in our teams from the creation of the Destiny 2 team to new alliances in the Warframe team, the GW2 team conquering new grounds in raids, and the Minecraft team becoming based on the server known as Hypixel. Even the AQ3D team is slowly making progress with new members and content being released along with Ashfall and Darkovia stories within the next month.

Destiny 2

The D2 team, run by Upilupi with help of Kasimo and Amidaus, has rapidly grown since its addition to the guild territory and continues to thrive and add new members to its team. The team has multiple events in a week from raids to the new PvP mode “Mayhem” with decreased cooldowns for a fast pace and thrilling deathmatch! With “Trials of the Nine”, a high stakes high reward gamemode, the team has hopes of assembling a team not just for this event but for competitive gameplay in the future as well. The team has new goals in 2018 with the creation of a static team for PvP and prestige level content but like always the team has fun kicking back and enjoying the game with one another.

Guild Wars 2

Currently run by Rioku with help of KamiKampi and Drachen the Guild Wars 2 team has had a steady climb in members and its scope of events this year. New members from veterans, returning players, and newbies are all welcome and continue to grow the team each day. While the team only has two event days currently we strive to have as many options from Dungeons, Fractals, and Guild Missions to the newest attempt at raid training and WvW roaming on occasion. The team continues to upgrade and decorate the Guild Hall as much as possible with the PvP arena set as just one of their goals for future events, we also hope to form a static group to train new players for raids, host custom guild events, and continue to have a good time all around.


The Minecraft team has had a lot of ups and downs this year. Originally based on its own custom server with the hopes of becoming a RPG style world it fell on rough times and ultimately was decided to be shut down due to a shortage in players and prolonged build times. However, in that time a group was made on another MC server called Hypixel, this allows the team to play a multitude of custom game modes such as bedwars, skywars, UHC and even duel! Since the closure of the LF server 0D4YS (known as wolf) now runs the group with the help of Matthew and hosts events every few days with a simple goal of becoming a more active community.


The Warframe team has taken a big step towards making events and players more accessible by joining an alliance within the last month. With this the team can now have weekly raids and an even bigger player base to interact with. The leader of the team, Arcane, has his own goal of having the dojo fully complete along with continuing his efforts to expand the team.


AQ3D continues to grow to slowly grow along side with the game, though there is not many events planned outside of partying for new story/content releases. The hope is to have more events regularly once the game has become more streamline with updates and challenges.

A look forward

We’ll have an in-depth blog post in a month or two detailing our plans for this year after our upcoming staff meeting.

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